DIY Portrait Sessions


Consider how DIY Portrait Sessions would benefit you or a loved one.

Why can’t a professional photographer just hand over his or her camera

to the client and with some easy direction and guidance

show how to take beautiful images of their newborn, puppy or family?

Could it be as simple as that! Nearly….


Would you like to learn a few simple tips so that you too

can improve your skills and make the most of your SLR camera?

Lighthouse can give you this experience for those serious in taking the 2 1/2 hour journey for $495*


25 mins – Basic Theory

35 mins – Practical Photo Session

1 hour – Hands on Editing

30 min – Review and Printing

COST: $495 (pricing subject to change at any time)

includes two 8×10 inch prints

and ALL images on disc – edited by you.

extra charges apply to use photographer’s gear.


to apply for this hand-on training session please email Cyrus.



Expect 20-30 editable images only.

In comparison a Lighthouse one hour family Session will delivery a minimum of 100 edited images to choose from.

Quality of images depends on student and equipment used.

There is no guarantee that student will retain or learn photography skills in such a short time.

Most students who have completed this form of express learning have improved

their photography skills, however several lessons may be required.

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Learning Photography


Training Session Samples:

Jess Landscape Training Session (1st Lesson)

Canning River Group Training Session

Kris Hay Training Session (1st Lesson)

Johnny and Lara’s 1st Lesson

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