Style & Attire

How to rule at Style & Attire for a Photoshoot?

ONE – Right Attire

Choosing the right Style & Attire will invariable make a difference to any on-location shoot.

Here are a few pointers:

  • Try to wear only comfortable clothes.
  • Clothes that fit and do not restrict movement or cause discomfort,
  • Especially shoes, as walking on rough or sandy surfaces may be required.
  • On the beach bare-foot is best.

TWO – Dress for the Weather….Style & Attire

Be aware how your hair and makeup will react with the weather as well. Could it rain?

What’s the chance of having a windy evening? Will the sun be hot?

THREE – How Many?

Be aware of how many people will be in the portrait and try to complement each other’s attire without too much clashing colours or designs.

Remember photos should last a lifetime while fashions can come and go.

Try to keep it simple and elegant. Try to keep to only a few colours.

Black can work but pale light colours are best. White looks good during sunset sessions and in shady locations. Everyone always wants to wear white… White can be difficult to photograph especially when bright and sunny.

FOUR- Avoid Unnecessary Style & Attire

Another great point to remember is to minimise unnecessary “luggage”.

Try to avoid bringing your mobile phone, bag with an assortment of emergency remedies,

such as makeup, brush. If your hair blows about in the wind, great!

Above all, remember that it not the heat, wind or threat of rain that will dampen

your photos it is how you react to it that will make all the difference.

FIVE – Seek Assistance from a Professional Stylist

Does it make sense to apply the right makeup and hair style for a photo session? Why not consult with a professional image stylist too about your perfect Style & Attire. This could make a massive difference from simply just liking your look to absolutely loving your Style & Attire.

For more information and inspiration visit Personal Stylist article.