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The leading business networkers constantly bump into each other because Perth is such a close knit community.

Business Networking plays a vital role in Perth, connecting like-minded

individuals together within the worlds most isolated major city- Perth.

Perth Business


BNI is the most successful global business networking structure

Cyrus is a member of  this one: Whaleback – Wed Morning.


Out of the Box Biz is a collection of 120 highly connected business owners, mainly b2b such as leading business coaches.


Meetups run by Lighthouse


Nifnex runs all kinds of events, a trade show and has print and TV presence.


In Rockingham most sundowners, breakfast meetings and speakers are organised by Sharyn McCaskey.



Tim Wise – Mentor, business coach, public speaker,

Sylvia Marina – Human Behaviour, International Speaker, educator, author

Martin Grunstein – Australia’s top  Expert on Customer Service, Entertainment Guest Speaker

Ron Gibson – Speaker, Expert on Networking and business

Gary Wilmot – No More Mr Fat Guy – Speaker, motivator, Marathon Coach.


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