Business Books

Business Books recommended by Lighthouse Photography to change your world.

These three books will change the way you communicate and deal with clients, suppliers and colleagues.

Become enlightened and turn your business around in three weekends by purchase the trilogy.

Then pay it forward and gift your copies to a friend!

The Go-Giver

Learn the 5 rules of success in business. A short 3 hour read.

Buy on eBay for about $20


The Jelly Effect

Learn effective business communication. No more wasting time, or taking too much!

Buy on eBay for around $15


80/20 Principle

Learning to chase what’s important.

How 20% of your clients account for 80% of your profit and stuff like that.

From $20 on eBay


Lighthouse is working on 3rd Edition of marketing reference book called…

Work Less. Earn More.

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