Think and Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill (1937)

“Think and Grow Rich” – Book review

Think and Grow Rich

They say Napoleon Hill and especially his greatest book “Think and Grow Rich” are the origin of self-help books and workshops.

By the time he passed away in 1970 he had sold 20 million copies of his most famous book “Think and Grow Rich” (1937).

Much of the inspiration for the book is from countless interviews of America’s richest men such as  Andrew CarnegieHenry Ford and many more…

Napoleon Hill is also famous for being advisor to two U.S. Presidents included President Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

Thanks to Patsy Lim from Learning Living Leading for sharing that virtually all business coaches around the world use material all originating from “Think and Grow Rich”.

Learn from the masters of the past, the no.1 classic and timeless piece about success in business. What worked then works now, no need to reinvent the wheel.

Did you know this classic book is so old it’s now freely available: download for free here, or buy a copy here (click on book cover).

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