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A Perth based model asked on Facebook today for help:

To all my experienced FB buddies I need your help!  I have never applied to a modelling or acting agency before & after falling into this crazy beautiful world of fashion, film, modelling & media I have found myself falling in love! So my question for you all is, If you have any advice, any experiences, anything at all that you would love to share I am here heart, eyes & ears listening and would love your knowledge to help me get stronger! Any recommendations of good modelling or acting agencies in Australia or the US or if you guys are already with an agency your thoughts and general guidance of things to look out for or steer away from would be greatly appreciated!

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So I wrote back these points, as modelling is a business and follows many of the same points of success:

  • Go to the US, American’s love Aussies.
  • If you aren’t working volunteer to only the best photographers and ideas. Actually write and talk to top photographers and video producers. Get seen by more people.
  • Put deals together, introduce your top contacts to other top contacts.
  • Start a promotions or modelling co yourself.
  • Refuse to work with substandard MUA and photographers
  • Wake up earlier. be healthier, but still go to social parties for networking.
  • Start a blog, post daily, become an authority.
  • Become an expert in social media, do you have 10,000 reach? If so tell fashion houses you are influential and charge them money.
  • Do partnership deals and sponsorship deals.
  • Join affiliate programs that pay you money when you refer to a label on your blog and someone buys the product.
  • Buy my book on marketing, or ask to proof it for a free copy.
  • Actively PM one person a day asking them to introduce you to someone that can help you gain a little more influence, help them in return.
  • Don’t be afraid to do nudes in a respectable way.


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