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10 compelling uses

for a Business APP

  1. Quickest and most intuitive Attachment Sharer on the market.
  2. Demonstrate Before & Afters.
  3. Show off your best work/Collections/Portfolio.
  4. Educate prospects and customers on your message(s) or benefits etc…
  5. Inspire with quotes or stir them with one or more Call to Actions.
  6. Create an industry or networking directory with virtual business cards sharing and invitation to events card.
  7. Monthly updateable specials board & events and news.
  8. Act as an offline, private Health and Safety APP.
  9. Mining and business staff training tools and quick accident reporting feature.
  10. Act as a basic affiliate distribution network.


  • Photographers
  • Wedding industry
  • Business networking groups & trade directories
  • Financial planners
  • PTs & gyms
  • Health and wellness specialists
  • Sales people in all industries
  • Pest controllers
  • Real estate agents
  • Government on all levels
  • Doctors & medical specialists
  • Health & wellness practitioners
  • Lawyers, accountants & business coaches
  • Charity groups, fundraisers, churches, awareness & political campaigns
  • Restaurant, venues & tourist attractions
  • Bands, artists and entertainers, writers
  • Health & safety & HR administrators
  • Tradies & property businesses
  • Clubs & Hobbyists
  • Expos & Tradeshows


Five Ways to Share

  1. Share overall APP, or part of the APP frequently on social media or private messaging.
  2. Add APP to your email signature.
  3. Add APP to your website, or even share select parts.
  4. Include business referral partners (virtual business cards) as they will then be more likely to distribute your APP for you if they are included.
  5. SMS or email APP to all your clients to showing off APP to potential clients. This also makes you look more professional.


  • Do you keep sending the same attachments and info all the time?
  • Do your clients ask you the same questions over and over again?
  • The APP will become a sort of automated customer service tool powered by your past clients and contacts, answering common FAQs with the press of a button.
  • Share virtual business cards at BBQs and other social events.
  • Be ready to push out a quick point of contact at a moments notice when opportunity arises unexpectedly!
  • Does your product or service help people? Educate the masses and even help saves life’s with an APP that is useful in emergency situations.
  • Make your APP indispensable. People can see the information you provide is really helpful so they keep and share your APP and when they need your product or service your clients have already established enough trust to buy in.


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