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Suzi Byrne Holy mackerel!!!!!! That is amazing!!!!!! Xxxxx

Gretchen Hoseit awesome pics, awesome Staffy!!

Yup!! The attitude of a Staffy.. Most think they are human too!! Your photos are great, I’ve shared a lot on my wall 🙂

I loved looking at this album!! Ya’ve got a love a Staffy for their amazing, funny personalities and you have captured this so well! Very photogenic isn’t he???!


Michelle and Chad the Black Staffy

Jaxon the Staffy Puppy

Random Pets

Little Puppy Playing

Puppy training

Jessie the Black Border Collie/Kelpie at the Park

Luna The Crazy Ridgeback

More Ridgeback Puppies

Cavalier Puppy

Guest writer Gail Agor written for Lighthouse

My pets live to make me smile.

They succeed in their life’s work, but other animals, ones I don’t have the pleasure of knowing, on whose noses I will never bestow kisses…also make me smile.

Although the collection of animal shots I have chosen are primarily dogs, my happy feeling is not isolated to those photographs with a canine persuasion!

It is incredibly difficult to get an animal to perform for the camera. Rather like a stubborn child who turns his back every time.

Great Auntie Mildred takes out her camera…wait no…bad example. The obstinate child does so wilfully and knowingly, maliciously smirking as he…oh never mind…toss the kid to the dogs and let’s return to the task at hand; which of course, is smiling at the animals in the photographs.

Humans are wired to ooohhh and ahhh at cute kittens and puppies, but for a moment allow yourself to go beyond the “oh you’re so cute” murmurings and check out the spontaneity of the subjects in the photos; admittedly, there are a few ooh and ahh-worthy portraits here, but there are others, too.

Who can resist a giggle when looking at Luna the Ridgeback enjoying her toy, or the awe of seeing a kestrel in flight, motion evident in his blurred wings and yet stable and clear in his body (what a shot!); a huge grin to match the puppy who walks like an straight-legged soldier and yet grins in sloppy joyous doggy fashion? Even the usually, staid and unpretentious Bali monkey can’t resist a close-eyed smirk. …bet you’re smiling, aren’t you?