Business Headshots

Professional Business Headshots answers one critical question really well…

Are you the face of your business?

Especially if you’re in the business of services, your business headshot will help your clients select you over the competition. Clients are searching for reliable & friendly face to do business with.

Sometimes it’s not enough to be the top in your field, providing the best solutions and even pricing. Sometimes people make their final choice based on the “image” as well.  Why? It’s because human’s are driven by their reptilian brain. This is how we get a quick first impression and how “our gut” tells us when we actually (1) like someone and (2) trust them.

From only $150 make your business image more professional and get 40 images to plaster on social media, your website. You will find the business headshots deliver more than just pretty image of yourself and your staff.

$97 also gets you guidance and tips on how to look your best from triple nominated “Australia’s Top Wedding Photographer”. So what are you waiting for? Scroll below and pick from one of three packages now.


20 mins session at Vellgrove Park 

(Now available Mon-Sun)

20 images in colour,

20 images in black and white

evenings only


20 mins session anywhere & anytime

20 images in colour,

20 images in black & white

evenings preferable


60 mins session any outdoor location

100 images in colour,

100 images in black & white

100 images in warm

evenings preferable

Business Headshots

Business Headshots

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