Lighthouse Mission

Lighthouse Mission and Promise to our clients …

“The Lighthouse Mission is to be

your personal photographer for life.

By being in-tune with what you really want.

This means fun,amazing & genuine imagery

that you and your family will cherish forever …

at affordable pricing.”

Partnership are encouraged in three industries.

The Family Service industry, The wedding industry and b2b service industry.

We also assist and mentor startups with connections and opportunity and charities, to help raise awareness and funds.

Giving with no strings attached. The Lighthouse Mission.

Why give? Giving increased social media reach, influence, and eventually organic client base.

Our core business is wedding photography, Both the wedding industry and the photography industry are in the middle of the greatest business challenges for over 20 years. Few are surviving as full time operators. Maybe less than 15% of photographers in Perth are truly full-time, compared to over 30% 3 years ago.

My Lighthouse Mission plan to success is to further specialise and finding my “sweet spot”.

A sweet spot is finding the jobs that pay me well, bring me greatest satisfaction, and I’m really good at. Dropping everything else and passing this on to other photographers means my business grows into a more recognisable brand. My points of difference are clearer and the business attracts the right market segment.

Helping other photographers with referrals also helps my reputation as a giver. The law of abundance means that by passing on corporate jobs to corporate photographers they are more likely to pass on wedding and family sessions to me as these jobs are less desirable to them personally.

Another strategy for growth is my referral rewards program. A simple gifted print to an existing client AND the new client is greatly appreciated by all. This is a transparent form of incentive.

The greatest strategy for growth is business partnerships. We make this an important mission to show ethical, caring businesses that partnership with Lighthouse brings happier clients to them, amazing and no-cost social media reach. Lighthouse has created an APP to show venues the 14 reasons why we make great partners…

Venues Love Lighthouse16

July 25, 2016