Real Estate Photography

Real Estate Photography Proposal

Normally for casual jobs we charge $197, including GST.

For regular, contracted jobs we have gone to $165, including GST.

Based on properties per day we would like to propose the following:

Real Estate/Property Photography (discount applies to batching the jobs on one shooting day)

• 1 property $165, including GST

• 2-4 properties $150 per property, including GST

• 5+ (max 10 per day) $130, including GST

• All of the above includes at least one photo of each room, front and back of the house, no matter the size of the house, usually 20-40 images per property.

Headshot Photography

• 10 minute photoshoot with delivery of 15 hi-res images - $97 per person, including GST (white walls or natural settings).


• Delivery is full-res images for the display board and printing, 600 x 800 px as per the REIWA website, downloading through GoogleDrive or Dropbox if preferred.

• Due to the nature of how Lighthouse Studios conducts property photography, we usually spend 20-30 minutes shooting only. We don’t conduct any cleaning, sanitising, moving furniture or decorating. That said, sometimes during our editing process we find it is beneficial to the photo to conduct small photoshopping edits such as fixing broken lights and other things that could have been done during the onsite cleaning process. This we do at no additional charge, as part of our overall service. Please see samples of previous real estate photography to see the level of what we do.

• Lighting/sunrise and sunset times and weather need to be considered during scheduling (and can be advised by Lighthouse Studios). We do not fix bad skies during our editing process. We are happy to postpone/reschedule with minimum 3 hours’ notice, to a time that we are available in the future.

• We have two photographers that are capable of doing real estate and real estate headshots, and scheduling will have been conducted so that these photographers are used. However, where circumstances beyond our control mean they are not available, we can contract out to other reliable photographers where necessary.

• We reserve the right to review prices in 2020.