Wellness Testimonials – Lighthouse Mini-Sessions

Social proof is ...

The biggest opportunity in the wellness and fitness industry.

Social proof is practised well when a unique concept such as the Lighthouse mini-sessions enable video and photo testimonials to go viral.

Social proof is a visual Wellness Testimonial of sorts. And in your face, proof that your product and services work for real people too.

Photos and video of a person’s transformation, is not solely physical but also emotional.

Is it possible to measure happiness? Yes, it is! But only when compared to a previous state of mind or how people behaved and felt in the past.

What the Lighthouse mini-sessions delivers is much more than just before and after photos. We deliver not only a reward system for your best clients but also a way to prove your business can help ordinary people without the need for expensive advertising budgets.


we need more video and image content in April 2016.

Jump on board early and have your client’s video shown off as a display on this page!



How do we do this?

Imagine this scenario….

let’s say mum and dad have lost some weight and gained energy in general and most important feel more consistently content with life …. a 6 month result ….

How do we record and tell others? How can we social proof this phenomena?


We recommend a community picnic with 5 to 20 families in total. This becomes mostly social and enjoyable for all.

In a friendly and relaxed outdoors setting, during sunset times, we give a minimum of 10 minutes to capture each family as they naturally are.

A proper locations can include a beach or park such as Kent St Weir or Shelley Foreshore.

One by one each family is interviewed on film  (even the kids). We ask leading questions such as: “so how is life at home better since mum and dad we on … {insert program here}  6 months ago?”

Kids say the best stuff! Their innocence and totally unrehearsed answers will certainly capture an audience. We film answers in short unedited bursts, easy to share snippets, so that this content has a good chance to go viral.

You can expect delightful answers from kids such as:

“Mum’s cooking is yummier now!”

“She has more time to play with us!”

“Dad now comes to our after school games and cheers us.”

“We get to play more now.”

“they fight less…”

Video is only part of the social proof that audiences crave and want to listen to, photographic images also play a role in the message.

We further engage the families for a quick and fun 10 or 15 minute candid photo session.

Participating fitness and wellness partners always get full rights to use the edited images and video as they choose. Platforms are unlimited and can include social media, websites, video channels,  newsletter stories, expo posters, etc…

Our partners associated get incredible promotion and Lighthouse even hyperlinks by tagging said businesses from the Lighthouse by Cyrus Facebook page, exposing the brands to even more reach. To date we have over 3200 followers on our page.

We’ll even tag or share the album on the family member’s social media profile pages too where possible. This further increasing reach for all parties involved. Total estimated reach can be as high as an audience of 60,000 depending on circumstances, and this is without paid boosted posts.

All for only $97 per family.

The family enjoys a fantastic Lighthouse session experience and a lasting reward – they will be asked to view the edited images and select and keep a precious A4 print as a gift from the sponsoring partnered business.

During this viewing families and couples have an option to purchase additional image if they so wish for only $19 each (heavily discounted – as we want to maximise the satisfaction of the experience).

What does $19 get on this occasion? Amazingly an A4 print or even a digital file (full resolution).

All in all, an excellent and genuine offer that will make all three parties very happy.

The primary goal of Lighthouse by Cyrus is to encourage repeat business. We endeavour to make this as easy and simple and affordable as possible. This minimises everyone’s advertising bill and increases everyone’s satisfaction with just the right kind of incentives in place to encourage even more word of mouth referrals.

One final thought to leave any future partners thinking… a family portrait on display in a home or office is a an amazing talking point for years to come. Inspire more families to discover what your Wellness and Fitness efforts can achieve though the power of Lighthouse Wellness Testimonials.

Dr Matt Horner asked us to complete a mini-session one Sunday evening as way to thank his best families.

Each family eventually received a large A3 print but only after being on display at the practice as a “Family of the month” promotion.

Xander and Naomi Sample