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What drives success? Hard work mostly. But sometimes smart work drives good business too. Does not matter if you have 5 mins or 5 hours a day. There’s always a way to earn some income on the side. The secret is to work to your personal strengths. See the SUCCESS TIPS for some inspiration.

  1. Using Facebook and social media train yourself to spot keywords and requests for help from your friends when browsing.
    1. Is money tight? refer mortgage broker, financial planner, insurance
    2. Announcing a puppy, pregnancy, engagement, refer photographer
    3. Want to buy house, refer real estate agent and ask if they need particular tradies.
  2. To find businesses to refer B2B services to look at
    1. local buy and sell Facebook groups
    2. Shopping centre notice boards
    3. Business owners that are members of fitness & sporting clubs
  3. At social events such as BBQs
  4. If you hear of any charities – find out address, we donate and mail a voucher, to help fund-raise at their events.
    1. Commission is earned on any future print and digital file sales.
  5. Learn cold calling methods (phone, SMS, visit or email). Never annoy a business owner! Ask Cyrus to prep you a script.
    1. truelocal, yellowpages, goggle
    2. Phone is 10 times more successful than emailing.
    3. But face-to-face is 10 times more successful than calling.
  6. When visiting a store “TELL 2 MORE
    1. Visit next door, and introduce yourself
    2. Either find out what they might need if they are chatty
    3. Or target one specific pitch (ie “do you need business cards this month?”)
    4. Or drop some names and mention what you did for next door.

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    April 4, 2016