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launch your own business

Do you have ambitions to launch your own business? Let Lighthouse support you with wholesale pricing. We’ve listed heaps of business ideas to consider. And can offer business advice and support and partnership opportunities.

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success tips

What drives success? Hard work mostly. But sometimes smart work drives good business too. Does not matter if you have 5 mins or 5 hours a day. There’s always a way to earn some income on the side. The secret is to work to your personal strengths. See the SUCCESS TIPS for some inspiration.

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    The possibilities are limitless.

    What’s your passion? What’s your dream? It’s up to you to find a specialty that you’ll love.

    Maybe you appreciate sharing a passion of art and beauty with people.

    Do you love vets? Why not support them with ongoing stationery orders?

    Love marketing and deal making, we have a great collection of resources you can present at a moments notice.


     Become an event or wedding planner

     Sell printing and stationery to businesses or only one industry type

     Sell canvas Artworks to businesses, hotels and places with waiting rooms

     Sell sponsored coffee table books

     Sell one specific promotion product or a range of promotional products

     Sell Customised thank you cards to businesses and/or households

     Sell a Lighthouse partnership deal to another business (trailing)

     Sell APPS to businesses


    Plan your coffee or phone chat with Cyrus now to propose your own business ideas. We will support you!

    Not yet totally confident with your direction…no worries. Reach out and we can help with ideas, just tell us about your dreams.

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    April 4, 2016