Public Speakers

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John Ross (JR) – Health & building industry, author, influential networker and connector. Loves cars and music.

Shannon Bush – Business innovator, speaker, educator, creator, author, marketer, community builder.

Norita Omar – Event Manager, Founder and Inspirational Speaker of Strive and Thrive who speaks about her healing journey on how she overcomes her traumas and brain injury.

Tim Wise – Mentor, business coach, public speaker.

Sylvia Marina – Human behaviour, international speaker, educator, author.

Martin Grunstein – Australia’s top  expert on customer service, entertaining guest speaker

Ron Gibson – Speaker, expert on networking and connections.

Gary Wilmot – No More Mr Fat Guy – Speaker, motivator, marathon coach.

Dr Daniel Lombardo – PhD Medicinal Chemistry, Expert in Fish Oil and Supplements. Personal growth, specialising with schools and community groups.

Anne Venaille – Speaker and Coach. Speaking workshops for overcoming fears and for business.



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