Personal Stylist

Why Use a Personal Stylist

Prior to a Photoshoot?

written by Robyn Paterson (Personal Stylist)

Whether it’s a business headshot, family photo or a special occasion, what you wear for your photoshoot is important for a number of different reasons:


Your clothing should suit your body shape and colouring.

Wearing a flattering colour will make you look younger and fresher in a way that no amount of make-up can, and choosing clothing that works with your body shape helps you look taller and slimmer.


Your clothing should reflect your personality, or the ‘personality’ of your business. First impressions are made within three seconds, so make sure it’s correct.


For group shots, not only does the above apply for each individual, it’s also important to ensure that the entire group compliments each other, in both style and colour choices.

Paterson Personal Styling can co-ordinate your clothing and colour choices.

Either use your own clothing, or by shopping with you for a new outfit.


Special offer for Personal Stylist

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Personal Stylist

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Introductory Package for Lighthouse Photography clients.

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One hour consultation at the client’s home.


  • Body Shape analysis and tips on what to wear/avoid
  • Flattering colour choices for clothing
  • Outfit Selection for photo shoot. ( If no outfit is selected, then a 20% discount on shopping session will be offered.)

*Travel costs may apply

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