Dropbox: What’s the best & fastest way to get your images?

  1. First, if you do not have an account, please create one from here. This link is a referral link, so therefore we get an extra 500 MB bonus when you install Dropbox on your computer. Want to do the same? See below for easy ways to earn free space.
  2. Download Dropbox Application (NECESSARY for folders of over 1GB – usually anything over 100 images)
  3. If we’ve sent you a link to download your images, follow this link.
  4. Click on the empty space to the right of the folder’s name to select it. (Clicking on the folder name or icon will open the folder instead.
  5. Click Download from the blue bar that appears at the top of the file browser. This will start the process of downloading all the images to your computer and can take a little while.

Need more free space?

Dropbox starts you off with some free space, then you can earn more free space. Here’s a blog post from 2 years ago with some tips to get even more free space.

Most people don’t need to pay for dropbox, but if you find you do cost is reasonable and then all of a sudden you’re able to use this as an additional backup system.

“I don’t like dropbox, just want to view and pay for downloads and prints now”

No problems, most Lighthouse clients and partner photographer’s events, portraits and weddings are hosted in the complete galleries. Easy viewing and easier ordering.

Any questions, please contact Cyrus.