Child Health Network

Are you a business, cause or group involved in the Health and Education of Children in Perth? If so you’ll love to know about the Child Health Network.

The group holds bi-monthly networking events, promoted through Eventbrite ($5 ticket cost pp) and in future will be planning events for parents and the community.

The Child Health Network was set up by a group of professionals working with children in Western Australia. The philosophy behind the group was to provide a ‘one-stop’ point of reference for parents concerning all aspects of their child’s well-being and development and for professionals to connect and share information.


Check out their latest events here, including networking and information nights for parents: Child Health Network on Eventbrite

Follow what’s happening on their Facebook pages: Child Health Network Facebook Page.

The organising committee consists of

Magda Lipnicka (Chiropractor),

Lillian Fawcett (Education),

Liz Wason (Developmental Optometrist),

Cally Smith (Occupational Therapist),

Stephanie Einhorn (Kinesiologist)

Heidi Chin (Podiatrist).


parent workshops are being planned throughout the year:

Keep in touch by visiting our Facebook page.

And if you are a Child Health related business we would love to see you at our next networking events.