Business Generosity

Business generosity and giving is the single most effective way to help push your marketing message across more effectively.

We are flooded with advertising campaigns, on TV, radio, while driving, online, on the phone and of course in our mail box. So it’s no surprise we try to shut down the messages so as not to feel overwhelmed all the time.

The main challenge for an advertiser is how do we ride above the noise and get noticed? here’s my favourite tip:

Business Generosity,

giving a useful gift people will want to keep.

The sky’s the limit. Generally the more invested in the gift the more likely people will cherish the gift and think of your business or ad message. If you have a high cost of acquisition (the cost of getting a new client is high) you won’t mind spending a little more on qualify gift.

The compromise is partnering up with another business to offer a gift that costs your business less. For example a family session voucher with Lighthouse Photography. The end client sees a value of $465 but cost to your business could be as low as $20 per voucher.

Other ideas are include pens with a torch, a wall or magnet calendar, a mug for home or office, etc… Promotional products with subtle message are ideal for long-term branding as most people are happy to keep these items around them for much longer times.

Psychologically this can be explained as The Law of Reciprocity. By giving a useful gift you are doing a good deed and in return those accepting the gift will more likely refer you, speak highly of you and even use your services as a way to reciprocate back to your business.

Lighthouse can assist by providing these services:
  • Family Session Vouchers to Businesses (thank you gift or incentive gifts from $20-$990)
  • Charity Gift Partnership – (foc – $200)
  • Promotional Products (anything imaginable)
  • Business Generosity
  • Artwork canvases (branded or unbranded from $195 or bulk pricing)
  • Bookmarks and postcards (from $1 ea)