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W h y   p i c k   u s ?

1. Show the images on the same day at the Reception

That’s right, if you book us till 10pm, we can setup a projector preview

of your wedding images (approx. 2000 images by 630pm) for all guests to enjoy.

A bit like the background music a DJ will play,

the Projector preview really enhances the atmosphere

of your wedding and adds a new welcoming dimension for the reception.

Never any charges for this service.

2. It’s Your Collections Not Our Packages

It’s never about what we want to sell to you.

We offer you choices for you to pick, Collections created for you and by you.
3. Five Year Price Freeze

Not only are there no hidden surprises or price hikes before your wedding

but we also guarantee no price hikes 5 years AFTER the wedding.

4. The “Cyrus” Guarantee

Booking Lighthouse by Cyrus means you get Cyrus,

nominated 3-times over as one of Australia’s top wedding photographers.

At the rarest of events that Cyrus is not available you will be given a choice of

full refund or replaced with another 2 of his associate wedding photographers.

5. Your Own APP

As a gift for booking your wedding, in fact any event, family session and newborn,

you will receive you very own iPhone/Android APP.

Just pick 10 of your favourite images and we will do the rest.

6. Be in a Wedding Magazine

Take time to write the story of your wedding planning & day and

we will feature you in a 2 page spread in our wedding magazine .

Will you be on the cover?

7. Your Happiness is our Ultimate Guarantee
Want to remove a few images from the DVD Photo Movie?




Need the wedding book design approved before publishing?


Of Course!

8. We too, Look After your Guests

Some photographers focus on just the bride and groom, others just on the bride….

We see the big picture too. It’s about family and friends.

Relationships, candid moments, connections between people.

The reception’s as important as the ceremony in our eyes.

Remembering the fun and laughs from the night is key to great coverage.

9. Our Style is…

We guide and organise the bridal party during prep and bridal coverage

in a minimal fashion, but just enough to be organised and effective.

We like to get natural and candid shots.

It’s 100% about being stress-free, relaxed

and having fun &the best time of your lives.
10. Your Event is Covered…


We have public liability insurance, gear backup and

excellent image backup protocols.

11. Made in Australia

All images and book designs are created in-house locally All wedding books are made in Australia All photographs are printed and checked in-house

Canvases are made in Australia, even the wood is cut here.

12. Our Website has More

Want inspiration? Visit the themed galleries

Deciding on a venue? Visit the galleries organised by venue

Need a helping hand? Have a look at the huge resources for BRIDE + GROOM, PHOTOGRAPHERS and WEDDING INDUSTRY


13. Over 40,000 Image Online


That’s right, few wedding photographers have been proud enough to show off over 40,000 images on Facebook

Want more? How about the more than 400,000 image in the complete gallery. Pick a random wedding and view the complete 1000 images.


14. The Post Wedding Party + Half Priced Prints Offer

After the edit is complete, we will invite you to consider a post wedding viewing party.

You invite whomever you like, we’ll setup the slideshow and you can enjoy

your wedding images in the comfort of your own home.

As a bonus, all prints you and your family & friends select during the show gets you 50% discount.


About Cyrus

Cyrus has been a professional photographer since 1994, and prior to this, from the early age of 14, he has been a self-taught passionate photographer. Before being asked to shoot weddings and portraits Cyrus specialised in digital art photography, his works displayed in galleries and were sold to collectors.

In 2008 Cyrus founded Emotion Image as a way to mentor and promote associate photographers. Cyrus continues to support aspiring emerging professionals with his intense mentoring program.

Cyrus shoots under the name of Lighthouse by Cyrus and is considered an upmarket wedding photographer based in Perth, West Australia.

Cyrus has been nominated three years running as being one of Australia’s top wedding photographers.

Lighthouse by Cyrus operates under a zero travel charge policy. Thismeans that destination weddings do not carry a surcharge. 

2010 & 2011 have been great years for a host of eventful and particularly interesting weddings and has created a renewed opportunity to shoot more personal projects like landscapes, both locally and internationally.

Coverage Outline

The following is a suggested outline for the typical wedding. (7-10HRS)
1 hr

one month before wedding,
Pre-wedding portrait
1 1/4 hrs
Bridal preparation

45 min

Traveling and setup
40 min
Bride’s arrival, ceremony followed by congratulations

20 min
Traditional posed with family photos

 1-2 hrs
Bridal Party Photos

2-4 hrs

(until around 10pm)

Reception arrival, table settings and guests,

cake cutting, games, Bridal Waltz, dancing and fun times

Projector Preview

The projector preview is a form of entertainment played at all weddings when booked for 7 hours or more.

With this exciting feature the Bridal Party and wedding guests will see all photos taken during the same day played on a 5-foot projector screen at the reception venue.

Playing continuously in the background from the time guests arrive to be seated and finishing 20 minutes before the photographer’s departure,

this show provides laughs, enjoyment and delight, adding to the ambience of the evening.

The slideshow can be paused during speeches and on request.


If the venue’s layout of a wedding does not allow for the Projector Preview then improvised measures can be made with varying degrees of success.

For smaller weddings a laptop can easily replace the projector and screen – saving much space.

If there is sufficient white wall space the image can be projected on the wall, making the image much bigger for larger weddings (over 250 pax) or smaller for cosy wedding venues.

Venues are requested to supply table (stable and large enough to stand a projector and a laptop with working area) and one power point no more than 3 metres from the table.

Lighthouse Photography will supply extension cord, projector, laptop, 5-foot screen and other accessories.

Screen is usually put against the wall or corner that will maximise viewing enjoyment for all.  The table should be placed between  1.5 and 2.5 metres from the screen.

It is important to note that the space between table and screen is lost, but may be used as a walk-though by venue staff on occasions.

Reduced lighting at the venue is not a requirement however the viewing space preferably should not be directly under lights.

Improvising is often required but due to the limited time and pressures of wedding co-ordination it is recommended that the Bride and Groom review the venue’s setup policy and account for this in their wedding floor plan. The Photographer needs around 15 minutes to set this up.



Beautiful image editing is a balance between

a skilled art form and a precise science.

For example, there is no such thing as just

black and white. With literally dozens of ways

to create black and white, learning to edit is

a constant, growing, changing experience.

Editing can enhance the meaning of a particular image.

Sometimes various editing techniques need to be

used to get an even greater image.


But of course, the greatest images can look brilliant

with no editing whatsoever.


Other times the same or similar set of beautiful images

can be edited differently to get a different look and feel.



              Colour                      Sepia/Colour cross


(left) HDR – less Vibrant  

(right) HDR – more Vibrant 



B&W                                     Sepia


(left) BW High-Contrast

(right) lighter Sepia

Reserve Images




Most wedding day coverage averages around 7 hours. In that time Cyrus will shoot around 3000 images and deliver about 500 edited images in the proof book or online gallery. 


What happens to the other 2300 images? Well, first of all these are moved to a folder called “Reserves” and archived away for safe keeping.

It’s important to understand that these photos do not make the “cut” and are not edited nor are they presented in the proof book.

If a couple purchase the photos on disc they will only receive the edited images, not the reserves. However, Lighthouse has a policy guarantee in regards to the reserves that enables couples to receive the reserves at an extra cost of $300. (price subject to change at anytime).

The Reserves are obtainable only by first waiting 4 weeks after the edited images are sent and then making a written request via email.

Reserves are in the original RAW format, this means that these can not be printed or viewed by PC computers without specialised software. Most MACS can view RAW images. If you can not access your images on a computer we recommend you download ACDSee Pro to view these images. The trial version is free for 30 days.

Another Lighthouse policy guarantee is that we are happy to edit up to 100 reserve images at no additional charge. The client must first purchase the reserves collection, select and send to us their choice of images. After the first 100 images, The cost of edit is invoiced at $5 an image.


Print Sales – Portal
click on link to enter

Not all galleries are password protect.

If you would like your gallery to be

more private please email us requesting this.
If the gallery you wish to visit is locked

then please request access codes to enter

the online print order galleries directly from the bride and groom.


If you are the bride or groom please request

password directly from the studio by email.

Prewedding and wedding galleries (if applicable)

each have unique access codes.

All galleries will expire after three months.

If you would like to order prints after this time

please refer to bride and groom’s proof book.


Print prices, as per bride and groom’s booking form

are valid for 5 years from the date of the wedding.


How your book is finalised depends on your choices now.

To get started please read this entire article. If you would also like to customise your book title, confirm your mailing address and check the spelling of your names then please take a moment to complete the acknowledgement form at the end of this article.

Our designs tell a story. The entire book must flow and have a consistent feel. A spread (2 pages) should hold images that have something in common together and should be edited in a similar style. However, the design process has room for exceptions. For example it’s ok to have one portrait black & white image with three smaller landscape colour images.

In simple terms there are three basic ways to amend the design:

(1) Swapping is the most common type of change. Prefer an image from another? Ask to swap one image for the other.

p.46 remove 0453, add 0455

(2) Adding and deleting. You can delete or add images in the spread and ask for the entire page or spread to be redesigned.

p.32 remove 0654
p.43 add 844

(3) Separating and merging images is slightly more complicated and should be used sparingly. If you think an image deserves to be on its own then you can request a new spread be created and this image be placed on the left-hand side or right-hand side of the new spread. Note that the oppose side will also need to be populated with an image or set of images. The only type of image that can be added on its own spread is a spanned landscape image. A good example of this is a beautiful landscape image with the bridal couple composed on the far left or far right-hand side. Another example could be a big group shot, but be aware that you will lose detail in the middle of the image in the fold.

Merging spreads together is a good way to keep images in your book while saving costs. As long as all merging images are of the same “scene” For example 4 pages of dancing shots can be merged into 2 pages, thereby saving costs of 2 pages. The most images in any one spread is 18 images over the 2 pages. This design works especially well during the Congratulations and for couples sitting at the reception.

merge pages 44+45 and 52+54
p.20, separate 0334 + 350, new pages

Changes must be requested by email. Amended designs are emailed back for final approval within 48 hours. Contact us by phone or email if this processes takes more than 7 days.

If more changes are needed a 2nd time around these same approval steps should be taken until approval is given.

Please note clause 9A and 9B in your booking form regarding extra charges.
“(9a) 2 hours of ADDITIONAL FINAL EDITING is Included in package price and hours thereafter will be charged at $150 per hour. (9b) Wedding Books not approved by client within 6 months will attract an additional cost of $150, increasing by $100 a year.”
pageside = page
spread = 2 pages
sheet = 2 pages

All books include 30 pages in a wedding package unless extra pages have been prepaid for. Additional costs apply to pages after the first 30 pages. Refer to your booking form to learn more about the rates or email Cyrus for your rates.

Your books will be Express Posted to you anywhere in Australia. Extra charges will apply to post your book internationally.

Priscilla and Eoin Wedding Book – IMAGES PICKED BY PHOTOGRAPHER
Siobhan and Dave Wedding Book – IMAGES PICKED BY CLIENT

Please complete the below form when you have been notified
that your wedding book preview is ready for viewing.

{form -coming soon} 



MARCH & APRIL + NOVEMBER & DECEMBER is triple the waiting periods

2 weeks after the wedding

3 weeks after the wedding

3 weeks after the wedding

3 weeks after the wedding

7 WEEKS after the wedding

9 weeks after the wedding

9 weeks after the wedding

1 week after order

Thank you Cards


Lighthouse thank you cards are commercially made postcards, measuring 10×15 cms. No need for even envelope as this design allows you to just slap a stamp on the back, add a quick address and mail these effortlessly.

At the end of the planning stage of your wedding you will want to know that we make the thank you cards process as easy as possible. Just select one favourite image and come up with some generic words (see below for samples), and we do the rest. You will have a proof emailed to you for final approval.

Cost is cheap, currently only $2 a card. (subject to change at any time).

SAMPLES (PDFs) [insert PDFs]

Katrina and Ryan

Tatiana & Matt

Katie & Dominique

Save the Date Magnets



Brides and grooms of Lighthouse Photography by Cyrus are encouraged to submit their wedding story to publications and newspapers. Cyrus will assist in this process by emailing photos directly to any publication that has accepted a bridal submission.




Bridal Options – request form

Perth Bride – request form



Wednesday West Australian

request form

Sunday Times – request form

Mandurah Mail – request form

Sound Telegraph – Rockingham – request form

Do you know other quality publications accepted wedding submissions? Email Cyrus

Facebook – Portal


Nearly every wedding and landscape shoot we do is published on facebook. Follow the images and stories, and let us know what you think, we love your comments.

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Ideas for your Prewedding Images


Save the Date Magnets




Choosing the right attire will invariable make a difference to any on-location shoot. Here are a few pointers:


Try to wear only comfortable clothes. Clothes that fit and do not restrict movement or cause discomfort, especially shoes, as walking on rough or sandy surfaces may be required. 

On the beach bare-foot is best.


Dress for the weather. Be aware how your hair and makeup will react with the weather as well. Could it rain? What’s the chance of having a windy evening? Will the sun be hot?


Be aware of how many people will be in the portrait and try to complement each other’s attire without too much clashing colours or designs.


Remember photos should last a lifetime while fashions can come and go. Try to keep it simple and elegant. Try to keep to only a few colours. Black can work but pale light colours are best. White should be avoided, if possible. Also neutral grays and browns can work as well.  


Another great point to remember is to minimise unnecessary “luggage”. Try to avoid bringing your mobile phone, bag with an assortment of emergency remedies, such as makeup, brush. If your hair blows about in the wind, great!


Above all, remember that it not the heat, wind or threat of rain that will dampen your photos it is how you react to it that will make all the difference.

Suggested Locations

Kings Park

Kings Park is run by the Bontanic Gardens and Parks Authority, and is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week. 

Occasionally specific areas are closed to the public for special events.

Kings Park have six restaurants or food kiosks and visitors have free use of the many bbq facilities.

Maps of the Park can be downloaded from the official website.

Kings Park have strict rules about professional photography within it’s boundries. A permit is required and fee payable for wedding,commercial and professionalphotography.

CY O’Connor Beach

C.Y. O’Connor Beach
This beach, in my opinion is a great beach for family and people with dogs.
The beach also allows horses for a few hours in the earliest part of the morning.
Lighthouse Photography recommends this location for prewedding and family shoots only.
Not really suitable for a wedding location.
Shoot start time is usually 50 minutes before sunset and lasts 1 hour.

C.Y. O’Connor Beach has around 4 carparks.
The designated meeting place is the carpark closest to the abondoned power station.
Address is near McTaggart Cove  off Robb Rd, North Coogee.
This Beach is approximately 6 minutes from Fremantle CBD.


Usually we will start the photoshoot on the green grass and then move to the beach.
We will then walk for a couple hundred metres in the direction of the power station,
where we will find an area partly protected from wind and sunlight.
This area has a beautiful green lagoon and some green vegetation for some stunning backdrops.

When the sun has set we move back to the beach on the concrete bridge for some sunset photos
and then eventually start heading back to the carpark captured as many sunset photos as possible.

As we will be constantly moving around please keep in mind that you will be more comfortable
if you have nothing to carry around. Shoes too, are optional and not a necessity.
Above all, remember that it not the heat, wind or threat of rain that will dampen
your photos it is how you react to it that will make the difference.


Nicole & Mark

Mel & Troy

Kate & Tim

Mounts Bay Park

Technically known as John Oldham Park, located opposite Mounts Bay Hospital, Mounts Bay Park is a Perth CBD  park offering excellent photo opportunities.


Kwinana Freeway 

Mounts Bay Rd exit



Water fountain

3 metre waterfall

Stone mason stairs

Three bridges

Lots of vegetation and growth

Plenty of shade

Forrest setting

Excellent city views


Tara & Steve

Vianny & Andrew

Priscilla & Eoin

Siobhan & Dave

Katie & Dominique

Carol & Wayne

Kristy & Chris

Sam & Nathan

Kylie & Anthony

On Your Farm

Farming is more than a business, it’s a way of life, it’s family, it means being in touch with the land in a way that city people only dream of.

At Lighthouse by Cyrus we love farms and farming families for their rich culture and many photo opportunities.


EXTRA BENEFITS  –  We have two attractive  policies for farming families. Firstly, we will not charge extra for traveling, each way upto 2 1/2 hours, from Perth CBD. Secondly, the shooting time increases from one hour shoot to a 2 to 3 hours session.

Contact us today to book in your family or prewedding session. 


Date Sunset
Jan-20 19:24
Feb-09 19:12
Feb-29 18:52
Mar-20 18:27
Apr-09 18:02
Apr-29 17:40
May-19 17:25
Jun-08 17:19
Jun-28 17:22
Jul-18 17:32
Aug-07 17:44
Aug-27 17:57
Sep-16 18:09
Oct-06 18:22
Oct-26 18:37
Nov-15 18:54
Dec-05 19:11
Dec-25 19:24