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Want your customers to spread the word about your business at only$19/mth? An APP that makes sharing very easy. So easy that marketing is on auto-pilot.


APP articles on how to win at marketing, ideas and going viral with a low budget.

Why Get an APP for Business?

Yes, it’s still ahead of trends for even now in 2016. But the future is now! Getting ahead of trends is the most critical way to gain an upper hand with Millennials (Clients reaching adulthood since 2000).

Business APPs educate and inspire your prospects and engage customers and even staff seamlessly.

The only task left is finding a beautifully simple, highly cost effective yet extremely powerful way to drive awareness to your business.

But how do you do this? In one sentence, if you have a great message or series of headlines, your APP’S one task is to drive awareness automatically and with the help of APP audience and clients your message(s) will go viral.

K-Factor Studies in viral marketing describe the K-Factor as the number of shares(i) x conversion ratio %(c)  or for those into mathematics k = i*c. In simple terms, the APP sole purpose is to replicate itself without you have to work hard on constantly marketing. Of course it’s there’s never a guarantee that your content will get shared. That’s totally up to you and your efforts to make your content/message compelling. For ideas check out 10 compelling uses for a Business APP.

Disruptive Marketing Now!

Having a business APP is cheaper and distribution is more measurable than traditional print advertising.

  • An APP’S messages can be distributed unlimited times. Each share and view is free from charge.
  • Your clients can be your ambassadors and distribute the APP for you to clients that were otherwise unreachable by you.
  • This new-age technology disrupts traditional marketing reach, if you have compelling stories & insight, your messages will go viral without ongoing effort from your business. It’s advertising on autopilot…. Automated marketing. Yet you’ll know exactly what messages from your APP are most shared and you can fine tune your APP for even greater success.

To road test an APP view some of our favourite creations.

pricing   |   samples   |   marketing disruption   |   benefits & specs   |   ideas   |   articles   |   own an app